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Ke Au Hou

<p style="padding-top: 0pt; " class="paragraph_style"><i>Ke Au Hou</i>, meaning “A New Era,” represents several major transitions in his career.&nbsp; Recording for the album began following a 3 year period of intense musical exploration. Under the advice of two of his mentors, Pal Eldredge and Hattie Phillips, he began singing, and taking classical voice lessons first from Catherine Goto at Punahou School and then from Neva Rego. He also began studying Hawaiian language, to deepen his knowledge about the music he was singing, and also to intensively study the music of key renaissance figures in Hawaiian Music. In addition to the Hawaiian musicians he was studying, he also turned his attention outside of Hawai‘i to study various other genres of music including latin, classical, folk, reggae, pop, and hip-hop.<br></p><p class="paragraph_style"><br></p><p class="paragraph_style">Finally, ready to apply what he had learned, he began recording again in 2011. His new creative process utilized a small band to create intricate and collaborative arrangements. As recording resumed for the album, Danny donned a larger role than ever before in the creation of his music, acting as the lead artist, arranger, and producer. The album includes 11 songs, 7 of which are vocal, and The album features fresh new arrangements of Hawaiian classics, original slack key compositions, and guest appearances by Jon and Jamaica Osorio.<br></p>

Released: December 13

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<p>Danny began recording his second album in 2007. Recorded with a similar approach to his first album, this album showcases a diverse collection of solo slack key arrangements. <i>Somewhere</i> also reflects a broadening spectrum of musical interests, including covers of Paul Simon’s <i>Bridge Over Troubled Water</i>, John Lennon’s <i>Imagine</i>, and Leonard Bernstein’s <i>Somewhere</i> (theme from West Side Story).</p>

Released: December 07

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Slack Key Journey - On My Way

<p>Danny began recording his first album in 2005 with the help of his dad, Eugene Carvalho. Rather than seeking a record label to negotiate with, Eugene decided to set up a home studio and an independent record label, Lava Rock Music. This allowed Danny, who was 15 at the time, the flexibility to record and create music whenever he wanted to.</p> <p>The album was released in 2006, entitled <i>Slack Key Journey - On My Way</i>. The album showcased new arrangements of some of Danny’s favorite Hawaiian classics, tributes to his teachers, and two of his first original compositions (Booboo’s Lullaby and Song For Allie). It was nominated for the “Most Promising New Artist” category in the Nā Hoku Hanohano Awards.</p>

Released: December 05

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