About This Song

I wrote this song within a few weeks of writing Kaʻaumoana. My grandfather, Warren Iwai, had passed away just shy of turning 92. He served as a member of the 100th Infantry Battalion in WWII, and was part of a generation of Americans of Japanese ancestry known as “nisei” (second generation). It was his generation that fought against the oppression of American racism, and pulled each other up by the bootstraps out of poverty and into the highest levels of business and politics. It was my grandfather who inspired me to do well in high-school, stay in college, and become the person I am today. The day after he passed away, this melody started playing in my head. The song embodies a mixture of sadness and pride, and is dedicated to a generation that would not back down. Played in A major tuning (E-A-C#-E-A-E).

Album: Ke Au Hou


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