Ka Māmakakaua


About This Song

“Kipu Lani e, kupa`a mahope o ka `aina, aloha `aina ho`i e!”

Loyal to the king, the brave loyalists stood firmly behind the land.

Continuing in the spirit of Nā Aliʻi, this song is a remembrance of the heroic actions of Hawaiian ancestors. In this case, Palani Vaughan commemorates a story that, if it weren’t for his memorable retelling of it in song, would never have been celebrated. In 1889, following the illegal overthrow of Hawaiʻi’s constitutional monarchy, a group of Hawaiian loyalists led by Robert Wilcox attempted to secure the ʻIolani Palace and restore their Queen to power. Predictably, they were defeated. However, rather than lament the failure of their efforts, this mele celebrates the fact that such a rebellion happened. This modern, reggae-influenced version of the song is my attempt to tell this story to a new generation of Hawaiians.

Album: Ke Au Hou


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